Best Mobility Scooter Reviews 2019 – Electric, Foldable, Heavy Duty

Best Mobility Scooter Review 2019: A large majority of the 13 percent of American adults who experience any discomfort with mobility in daily life are looking forward to options of portable mobility equipment, that would allow them to perform daily activities without hindrance. Any activity you seek to do would be much more comfortable, and enjoyable, with the aid of a mobility scooter, and the benefits of such mobility scooters are innumerable indeed.

Not only do they increase your freedom and choice, but they are also often the best way to make the most of your adventures, with an independent streak. The right one can carry you through great experiences, and fun times, be it for a solo trip, or a camping trip with friends or family. It can be a trusted supporter throughout all these events, making sure you lead an eventful, fun-filled life.

But with a large number of choices available in the Market, with varying features, and covering a large number of price ranges, consumers are not at a loss for choice. This may cause widespread confusion while taking a decision, and we’re here to make it easier to Choose Best Mobility Scooter with Our Review Guide.

The right mobility scooter will be a powerful ally, giving aid for your daily activities.

This article is meant to educate you on the right choice, with reviews of the best in the Market. While this is, in no way, the ultimate, it has been compiled after consulting a large number of consumer reviews. However, in the end, each user’s demands and requirements are unique, and one must always keep in mind that these demands change over time.

While these suggestions are, no doubt, beneficial, enough explanation has also been given on what to look out for, when you invest in a mobility scooter.

Electric & Foldable 5 Best Mobility Scooters 2019 in the Market

Mobility and independence are vital to age in place. Foldable Mobility Scooters are a perfect alternative for the Old age seniors who prefer to travel and live a busy lifestyle like others. This sort of Electric Mobility scooter is easy to transport in a passenger car since it folds completely or allows for quick and simple disassembly.

We researched a variety of those scooters to narrow down the options for Let’s have 5 Most Mobility Scooters in the Market

1.Drive Medical Scout DST Travel Scooter –The Best Mobility Scooter

Drive Medical Scout DST Travel Scooter – A four-wheel mobility scooter that has topped numerous lists in our Best Mobility Scooters List, this four-wheel model boasts Dynamic Suspension Technology. The pros of this far outweigh the cons, if any, and it has seen raving review by users, who have expressed complete satisfaction with their experience using this Drive Medical Scout mobility scooter so far. Its ergonomic throttle control and delta tiller give it a unique edge, and it comes with a charge port, placed on the control panel, as well as a battery pack for ease of charging.

Best Mobility Scooter Review
Drive Medical Scout DST 4-Wheel Travel Scooter

What we Like & What We Don't Like


  • 4.25 miles per hour top speed, with a high maximum weight capacity of 325 pounds.
  • Dynamic suspension technology, making it well suited for all terrains, be it sandy, gravel, paved or grassy.
  • Foldable seat, backrest, padded and contoured armrests, all making for a compact mobility scooter
  • All-rounder, increasing the scope of independent travel.
  • The electromagnetic brakes and anti-tip wheels are a winner.


  • Limited color options
  • Steep ramps might cause a slight issue

2. Shoprider Sunrunner Personal Travel Scooter – Powerful Mobility Scooter

Coming a close second, this is equal parts fun, and formal. Meant for users with an uninhibited spirit, it is apt for long distance travel, and has a comfort based design, making sure that users give it excellent reviews. It comes with three wheel and four wheel options.

the Powerful Electric Mobility Scooter Review
Shoprider Sunrunner 4 Wheel Scooter Color: Burgundy

What we Like & What We Dont Like


  • It can handle 300 pounds of weight, and can easily run at a speed of 5 miles per hour.
  • The battery packs quite a punch, with an admirable 25-mile capacity
  • Ample seating space is available.
  • A high placed backrest gives excellent back support, giving it its title of deluxe captain seat.
  • The slidable seat can be adjusted backward or forward, swiveling to make easy entry and exit possible.
  • Long range cruising capacity


  • Large headlight, and resultant challenging lighting due to low beam

3. Go-Go Traveler Elite Plus- Best Light Weight Electric Mobility Scooter

Third, on the list is Go-Go Traveler’s Elite Plus. Its unique selling point is its compact and easy-to-assemble design, with importance being placed on how easily the product can be disassembled, and just as easily assembled. No expert help is required, and it enables the users to gain full freedom over their plans. With importance being placed on user comfort, this is a great option for those looking for a long term investment. The charger port available on tiller enables convenient charging, and a dual voltage charger allows on board and off board charging.

Best Light Weight Electric Mobility Scooter
Pride Mobility Go-Go Traveler Elite Plus 4-Wheel Scooter SC54

What we Like & What we Don't Like


  • A quick and easy disassembly into the unusual 5 pieces, including the basket, taking a total of a minute’s time, and a simpler assembly processes, both capture the heart of users.
  • Padded armrest, backrest and seat cushion for comfort.
  • Swiveling chair, and adjustable height matching unique preference, and user’s comfort level.
  • Delta style steering on tiller makes for easy access and smooth control
  • Its ergonomic wraparound handles allow you to operate the scooter with a single hand while resting the wrist.
  • Standard LED lighting looks attractive and stylish
  • It comes equipped with Pride’s exclusive non-scuffing tires, making it safer.
  • A stable, front frame-mounted seat post and two sets of interchangeable shrouds also add to users’ interest.


  • Cost and choice can be worked upon.

4. EV Rider Transport Mobility Scooter – Best Foldable Mobility Scooter

A lightweight model, EV Rider Transport Mobility Scooter is a Best foldable mobility scooter, placing a great deal of importance on portability. In order to make this process easier, specially designed wheels have been attached to enable portability when the scooter is compact. The scooter, however, cannot support high weights as compared to other mobility scooters. In addition, comfort was not a prime factor kept in mind during its design, which may not make it a suitable choice for those aiming to use it during the course of their long travels.

It is easy to carry with you at home, hotels, or airports.

Best Foldable Mobility Review
EV Rider Transport Folding Travel Electric Mobility Scooter Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

What we Like & What we Dont Like


  • Lightweight model
  • Foldable design makes for easy transportation. Smaller wheel meant to be used while folded makes it easy to roll along, for easy portability.
  • Flexible battery usage, as it can function with both SLA, as well as lithium batteries.
  • It has been reported to be extremely senior-friendly, from users themselves, as it comes with easy operation, and an automatic operation system to take the confusion out.
  • A remote folding mechanism, making it effortless to fold and unfold, not taking ages just to get the mobility scooter set up.
  • Its digital display and LED headlight were also listed as a key selling point among users.
  • The fully folded scooter weighs around 60 lbs without the battery, which is relatively light, and makes the unpacking process easier, especially if you are forced to do it alone.
  • It needs not to be carried around while folded, as the wheel can be used to move it around, even when it is fully folded.
  • It is the perfect option for an elderly person who has a tough time lifting heavy objects.
  • High-quality batteries ensure zero malfunction during operation, is UL certified. This is a benchmark in safety.


  • Minimalist appearance
  • It can support only up to 250 pounds, and its lightweight design might put a limitation of the weight of the person using it, and the maximum speed.
  • It lacks armrests, so comfort factor is reduced
  • Minimal padding of seat cushion and backrests makes for discomfort.
  • Uncomfortable in case of long travels.
  • Not ample storage space has been provided, which makes it risky to carry stuff on this particular mobility scooter.
  • Slightly expensive when comparing existing features.
  • Slow speeds also make consumers doubt themselves before making this purchase

5. Drive Medical Phoenix Heavy Duty 4 Wheel – Best Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

With a lot of interest being placed on high weight capacity and high speed, in fifth place is Drive Medical Phoenix’s Heavy Duty 4 wheel Electric Mobility Scooter. With an in reach tiller for easy control and high comfort factor, this has adjustable armrests and higher weight capacity. Although its bulky basket placement and overall appearance might seem a bit too large for a taste for some, it is highly practical and aims to grab a wide consumer base.

The Drive Medical Phoenix Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter provides users with enough indoor and outdoor independence.

Best Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter Reviews
Drive Medical Phoenixhd4 Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter

What we Like & What we Dont Like


  • 4 miles per hour speed, going up to a maximum range of 15 miles, and a weight capacity of 350 pounds.
  • Adjustable armrests make for easy access, and the seats and backrests are comfortable, and padded, leading to extra comfort.
  • Tiller is adjustable, based on user comfort, and the throttle is easily accessible, that is, only a finger pull away, keeping in mind users that may face any challenges.
  • The higher weight capacity allows a wider range of users to make use of it.
  • Solid, non-marking, flat-free tires for worry-free travel


  • Lack of choices in coloring.
  • It looks bulky and weighs enough to make it difficult for those with issues lifting weights to handle it alone. This might put off potential buyers, and can be improved in upcoming models.
  • Difficulty to operate has been reported by a few people, but this was only a small amount of the users.

Why Mobility Scooters?

Mobility scooters offer longer trips, with higher variety, with an average operating ranger of 15 miles. Certain supercharged units can go as far as 40 miles without recharging, making it a great and flexible option. It allows users to explore varied terrains, with custom options like wider tires, which make it a piece of cake to travel over uneven areas, as compared to an electric wheelchair, which is prone to accidents.

The main attraction provided by mobility scooters is the mobility factor. Lightweight models weigh only half as much as electric wheelchairs, and even foldable models are available. Compact packing and easy assembly make it a clear winner, as it enables secure storage when not in use.

Best Mobile scooters provide an affordable option, with lower prices and greater features. This, combined with the freedom and accessibility it oh so easily provides make it the obvious choice, a clear winner among the otherwise limited options of power wheelchairs and the like.

What to keep in mind while Buying the Top Mobility Scooter in 2019

While several factors should be kept in mind while investing in a mobility scooter, it is impossible to keep them all in mind at a time. This list provides the main things to be considered before making a big purchase.

  • Speed: One should always strive to find a scooter that is neither too fast, nor too slow. This factor should be considered, and carefully evaluated, before making the purchase.
  • Climbing Angle: Climbing angle can play a major effect on the ability of the scooter to work in steep terrains, as the power requirement changes for such unusual conditions. This is especially important for those with a penchant for traveling, and adventure.
  • Comfort: It is a well-known fact that a large chunk of time might be spent in a mobility scooter. With this being in the forefront of your mind, it is especially crucial that users find a mobility scooter that they are comfortable sitting in for extended periods. This point is extremely vital for those who indulge in long trips.
  • Battery life: Knowing how much charge the mobility scooter requires to carry you successfully throughout your daily errands is an essential feature when picking out a new Electric Mobility scooter. This determines the range of activities you can partake in and goes a long way when planning trips or excursions.
  • Weight Capacity: Selecting a mobility scooter that can safely support your weight will ensure the smooth running of its other features. Besides, it would ensure that the device works without any hiccups in the long run.
  • Foldable Mobility Scooter: A compact mobility scooter would indeed be a great advantage, bringing more of the mobility aspect, making it easy to transport, and allowing for better use.

How do Foldable or Electric Mobility Scooters Help?

Mobility scooters provide assistance and important advantages to those facing mobility problems throughout the globe. Those who lack muscle flexibility or stamina find it necessary to use a manual wheelchair. Most wheelchairs only provide foot support, while these mobility scooters provide swiveling seats, adjustable height, as well as armrests and backrests that are padded for comfort, and can be adjusted as per the user’s comfort.

They are also a boon for those facing systemic or whole body mobility issues.

What Are Electric Mobility Scooters?

Foldable Electric Mobility scooters are similar to wheelchair options for the mobility challenged, except for the fact that they are motorized, and often controlled by steering wheels or handles, making it easier to direct them. They are available in a variety of models, and usually possess three to four-wheel, based on design and demand. They may be customized as per consumer needs, and can also be upgraded later by the addition of specific features that meet particular demands, as and when challenges come up.

They are battery powered and need to be recharged via an onboard charger, or a separate charger. Control is maintained with the help of a tiller, which enables movement forward, backward and sideways, as well as providing speed control. Both front wheel and rear wheel drives are available. While front wheel drives are commonly used for indoor purposes, rear wheel drives are used for traveling purposes.

What are their Electric Mobility Scooter Limitations?

Mobility scooters eliminate a lot of strength related issues of a manual wheelchair, but it comes with challenges of its own. Its tiller mechanism demands an upright posture, strength of hands and shoulders, and a minimal amount of upper torso mobility.

Long length makes it unsuitable for use, due to a limited turning radius. In addition, people using mobility scooters might face an issue while reaching door openers, switches, or doorknobs. Low ground clearance is another major cause for concern for a majority of the mobility scooters, which result in difficulty to navigate obstacles during a commute, as well as a barrier while traveling through restricted areas.

Most commonly faced accessibility problems as reported are-“the longer length and wider turning radius may make it difficult to use them. This is a greater problem in older buildings which may have had to make compromises in retrofitting accessibility aids. For example, an elevator or lift may be adequate for a wheelchair, but too short for a mobility scooter. Hallways may be too narrow to make a right-angle turn. Or the “privacy” wall in most washrooms may restrict the entry so that the scooter cannot maneuver around it.”

In addition to all this, the weight limitations are also caused for major concern, with a minimum weight requirement of 170lbs, and a maximum of 250-400 pounds.

Safety concerns: A Guide to Riding Safe

“Please keep in mind that mobility scooters can cause damage if it collides with someone or something” is a common line that is said to buyers, while purchasing mobility scooters. In light of that, a few words of caution are due indeed. This will benefit your freedom immensely, while at the same time, ensuring that you drive safely, assuring your safety.

Powered wheelchairs and scooters of class 2, with top speeds of 4 miles per hour are suitable for pavement driving, while power wheelchairs and other outdoor powered scooters belonging to Class 3 have top speeds of 8 miles an hour are ideal for on-road driving. These must weight, at most, 150 kilograms without driver and load. They can only be operated by a mobility challenged person of age 14 or higher, or a person demonstrating its operation.

Class 3 vehicles must be registered compulsorily. Make sure to ask for a test drive before purchase, and always familiarize yourself with the controls before going out. Make sure that regular maintenance for the scooter is done, and have it checked as often as manufacturer’s handbook deems fit.

When buying a second-hand scooter, always seek advice, as it may not come with a handbook, or might still be under warranty. Always maintain the battery at full charge, and keep an estimate in mind of how far the scooter can go at a single stretch before it needs recharging. Make sure you know the effect of load weight, distance, and battery condition on the mobility scooter.

Cold weather and rough surfaces may affect the scooter in unexpected ways, as they use more power. Under these conditions, it is considered ideal that you reduce the distance you have to travel at a stretch.

It is advisable to invest in third-party insurance for a mobility scooter.

Plan any journey. Always go for the shortest or most direct route to any destination. Any steep structure might put a hamper in your journey.

It would be wise to keep in mind the following points as well: while driving, to ensure a smooth travel experience:

  • Do not drive under the influence of alcohol, or if impaired by the consumption of any drugs.
  • Do not operate the scooter after taking any medication that is prone to causing drowsiness.
  • See and be seen is an important step. Make sure any protective gear does not restrict your vision. Wear fluorescent and reflective materials, and put on lights to make sure other road users spot you.
  • Do not use any clothing that might get caught between the wheels of the scooter, like scarves, long coats, etc.
  • Since mobility scooters are a single person vehicle, do not cause a risk by carrying any passengers.
  • Pull over and stop if you have to use the cellphone.
  • Do not carry or lead pets while you are operating a mobility scooter.
  • Do not overload your mobility scooter with shopping or other goods, neither should you hang them on handlebars. All these can cause the scooter to become difficult to control on roads.
  • Avoid leaning on the tiller to reach the basket, as this can knock the controls and allow the scooter to move haywire.
  • Avoid having the speed control on full speed, stopping to make conversation and the like.

While traveling, always make sure you know if access ramps are available in and around the places you intend to go, beforehand. This includes transport, like buses or trams. Make sure you know the policies of all these places, to avoid any confusions in the future. This can save a lot of time and frustration, leading to an enjoyable trip, which is the whole point of gaining the freedom to get out there and live big.

Be aware of pedestrians and always apply curbs at right angles. Please check with a doctor to make sure you are eligible to use a mobility scooter and have your eyesight tested regularly, and glasses and/or lenses updated according to your latest prescription. For those with visual aids, make sure to use them every time you drive. Obey all traffic rules, and drive safe. Make sure you are well aware of the rules of your state, as not doing so can put you, as well as other users of the road, at high risk. In addition, keep yourself updated with changing rules and regulations.

Conclusion on How to Choose Best Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters have to be handled and driven with great care, and concentration. But purchased with the right information, and with an informed choice, it is sure to be a handy tool that would help users live life to their fullest. They are indeed a new lease of freedom for those unable to find a solution to their mobility challenge. Everyone deserves the right to a life of freedom, adventure, and stories. Let us not let anyone hold back from living life to the fullest.

Always be sure to check the insurance coverage of your Electric mobility scooter. Most only cover mobility scooters if they are deemed necessary by a doctor, and prescribed by them. This is a point you have to discuss with your healthcare provider, as this is a long term investment. This might also give you some useful insights concerning the right mobility scooter for you, as your health care provider might have a few tips to add, and might even be able to provide suggestions towards an option better suited for your specific needs.

If you possess the required upper body strength and ability to operate a manual wheelchair, this approval may be hard for you to come by though.

Keep in mind the safety regulations in your country while operating a Foldable Electric mobility scooter, and always be sure to consult someone and make sure you are fit to drive it, before committing to driving it on roads. Be careful with the low clearance issue that you might face, and beware of steep slopes.

Hopefully, these tips have given enough food for thought, and the tips help you choose the right mobility scooter for you or your loved ones. Pass on the message so that no one makes an uninformed decision. Always be careful to keep in mind what you desire out of your mobility scooter. Make sure you buy one that fits your purpose, and still ride with care.

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